Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled


Crash Team Racing and the video games that came after him were, to a greater or lesser extent, good exponents of the genre of karts. Now all that classic spirit of driving Arcade is back with a video game that puts nitro to a highly worked remake, able not only to regain nostalgia, but to attract new users.

Twenty years have passed since that mythical Crash Team Racing (PlayStation, 1999), a kart video game with a surprising army of fans eagerly awaiting this return in the form of a remake. The question: Was the wait worth it? Luckily, yes.

Some elements have been introduced, such as customization, which has not yet taken off; but for everything else it is a surprising reconstruction, something like seeing with magic glasses the classic CTR that developed in its day – surely to surprise a few – the Naughty Dog itself. That was an outstanding video game, and this one does him justice, even in spite of the number of years passed.

Adventure mode can be played in easy, normal and difficult. Perhaps here is the most problematic issue. I have detected that the easy way is too affordable, and that the normal way comes to a point where it becomes very complicated. It is not easy to gauge these issues well, but I believe that Beenox was not correct in this respect. To not leave me anything in the inkwell, I confirm that there is another additional way of challenge, the Nitro-Fueled, which is basically the normal difficulty, but without the possibility of alternating between pilots during the adventure, like a nice wink at the classic Crash Team Racing.


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